Adélaïde Soulier

Cervical fluid / mucus-only
🔆 🌐 🤝 🇫🇷 $
📚 Billings

Cervical fluid / mucus-only
🔆🌐🤝 🇫🇷 $
📚 Billings

She / her
Adélaïde Soulier

I am a Billings Ovulation Method instructor in practicum and I am passionate about fertility awareness! I bring my passion, my enthusiasm and my love for science to my teaching. My aim is to meet you where you are at and help you achieve your charting goals. I want to support you, and I will be there to listen to you and answer your questions during your beautiful journey of learning.

Je suis monitrice de la Méthode de l'Ovulation Billings actuellement sous supervision en vue de mon accréditation, et je suis passionnée par l'observation du cycle ! J'apporte ma passion, mon enthousiasme et mon amour de la science à mon enseignement de la méthode. Mon but est de vous rejoindre là où vous en êtes et de vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs en terme de connaissance de vous et de fertilité. Je suis là pour vous soutenir, vous écouter, et répondre à vos questions tout au long de ce beau chemin d'apprentissage.


Charting specialisms: ✅💊🧭🤰🍼❣️

Cycle health support: Signposts to biomedical professionals, Signposts to holistic health professionals

Client specialisms: Teens, Charters, Soon-to-be-married / married couples, Welcoming to folks with multiple partners


Open to clients: Yes

Teaching format: Individual follow up (linked to course), Individual consults (stand-alone)

Teaching supports: Written materials, Individual calls, Voice notes, Messenger app

Language(s): English, French


Fertile window choices: Encourages abstinence but accept other choices

Type of language: Mixture of both women-centric & gender-inclusive

Hormonal contraception: Accepting of choice to use / share evidence-based info about benefits & side effects


Tempdrop thermometer: Not applicable – method does not include temperature

Read Your Body app: Presents as option – use at client’s discretion

Teaching framework
🔆 Secular
🌜 Secular plus
🕊️ Spiritual
⛪ Religious

🌐 Online
🤝 In person

🇬🇧 Country
$ Price range (more info)
👐 Payment options available
📱 Supports use of Read Your Body app

📚 In training
🎓 Certified
🌸 Self-taught 
🎀 Fertility doula

Charting specialisms
✅ Regular cycles
💊 After hormonal contraception
🧭 PCOS / long / irregular
🤰 Preconception
🍼 Postpartum
❣️ Perimenopause

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