Geneviève Rajoy

Single-check sympto-thermal
🌜 🌐 🇪🇨 $$/$ 📱
🎓 Justisse

Single-check sympto-thermal
🌜 🌐 🇪🇨 $$/$ 📱
🎓 Justisse

She / her
Geneviève Salud Reproductiva Holística

¡Amo lo que hago! Formarme como Profesional en Salud Reproductiva Holística del Justisse College me transformó profundamente. Enseño lo que quiero seguir aprendiendo, porque el camino de conocerme no se termina. Cada día hay algo nuevo, cada persona que acompaño en este proceso, me trae un desafío, un aprendizaje. Es una bella aventura.


Charting specialisms: ✅ 💊 🧭 🤰

Cycle health support: Directly offers holistic health guidance, Signposts to biomedical professionals, Signposts to holistic health professionals

Client specialisms: Charters, Charters (+ partners welcome)


Open to clients: Yes

Teaching format: Scheduled group course, Self-paced course, Individual follow up (linked to course), Individual consults (stand-alone)

Teaching supports: Written materials, Group calls / workshops (live only), Group calls (live / recorded), Individual calls, Voice notes, Messenger app

Language(s): English, Spanish

Payment options: Payment plans, Sliding scale, Scholarships


Fertile window choices: Supports all choices including non-PIV sex, barriers, withdrawal and emergency contraception

Type of language: Mixture of both women-centric & gender-inclusive

Hormonal contraception: Discourages use for health reasons, Accepting of choice to use / shares evidence-based info about benefits & side effects

Pregnancy termination: Pro-choice


Tempdrop thermometer: Presents as option – use at client’s discretion

Read Your Body app: Supports use with a settings template

Teaching framework
🔆 Secular
🌜 Secular plus
🕊️ Spiritual
⛪ Religious

🌐 Online
🤝 In person

🇬🇧 Country
$ Price range (more info)
👐 Payment options available
📱 Supports use of Read Your Body app

📚 In training
🎓 Certified
🌸 Self-taught 
🎀 Fertility doula

Charting specialisms
✅ Regular cycles
💊 After hormonal contraception
🧭 PCOS / long / irregular
🤰 Preconception
🍼 Postpartum
❣️ Perimenopause

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