Laura Juliá

Sympto-hormonal (LH)
Single / double-check sympto-thermal
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Laura J
Sympto-hormonal (LH)
Single / double-check sympto-thermal
🔆 🌐 🇨🇴 $ 👐

She / her

I'm a psychologist and I've been working with menstruation and cycles since 2012. I believe in using menstrual cups as a tool for self-knowledge (although is not the only one). Teaching FAM methods is a way to delve deeper into body literacy and it allows me to guide other women to discover the amazing body they have and the benefits of having control over their fertility and health.

Since 2020 I've been working with somatic psychology using DMT (Dance Movement Therapy) as a way to explore deeper into emotions and body experience, this approach combined with my FAM teaching experience is allowing me to provide better tools for my students and consultants.

In my spare time I love adventure travelling with my bicycle, trekking, camping and anything that takes me out of my comfort zone. I'm not a selfie person. I am a vegetarian and Italian food makes me the happiest person in the world.

Soy psicóloga de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia y he trabajado en temas de ciclicidad y menstruación desde 2012. Creo en el uso de la copa menstrual como una herramienta de autoconocimiento (aunque no es la única). Enseñar métodos de reconocimiento de la fertilidad es un camino para profundizar en la alfabetización corporal y me permite guiar a otras mujeres y personas con ovarios a descubrir el increíble cuerpo que tienen y los beneficios de tener control sobre su fertilidad y salud.

Desde 2020 he estado trabajando con la psicología somática usando DMT (Danza Movimiento Terapia) como un método para explorar las emociones y la experiencia corporal a mayor profundidad. Este acercamiento en combinación con la enseñanza en los métodos de reconocimiento de la fertilidad me permite ofrecer mejores herramientas para mis estudiantes y consultantes.


Charting specialisms: ✅💊🧭🤰🍼

Other qualifications: Menstruality mentor, Psychologist

Cycle health support: Signposts to biomedical professionals

Client specialisms: Teens, Charters, Charters (+ partners welcome), Welcoming to folks with multiple partners, LGBTQ+ friendly, Trauma-informed


Open to clients: No

Teaching format: Individual consults (stand-alone)

Teaching supports: Written materials, individual calls

Language(s): English, Spanish

Payment options: Payment plans, scholarships


Fertile window choices: Supports all choices including non-PIV sex, barriers, withdrawal and emergency contraception

Type of language: Mixture of both women-centric & gender-inclusive

Hormonal contraception: Accepting of choice to use / shares evidence-based info about benefits & side effects


Tempdrop thermometer: Supports use if relevant to client’s lifestyle

Read Your Body app: Presents as option – use at client’s discretion

Teaching framework
🔆 Secular
🌜 Secular plus
🕊️ Spiritual
⛪ Religious

🌐 Online
🤝 In person

🇬🇧 Country
$ Price range (more info)
👐 Payment options available
📱 Supports use of Read Your Body app

📚 In training
🎓 Certified
🌸 Self-taught 
🎀 Fertility doula

Charting specialisms
✅ Regular cycles
💊 After hormonal contraception
🧭 PCOS / long / irregular
🤰 Preconception
🍼 Postpartum
❣️ Perimenopause

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