Marieandré González Pennington

Double-check sympto-thermal
🔆 🌐 🇬🇹 $ 👐 📱
📚 SymptoPro

Marieandré González Pennington
Double-check sympto-thermal
🔆 🌐 🇬🇹 $ 👐 📱
📚 SymptoPro

La Prima Roja
She / her

Hola! Soy Marieandré, empecé a usar el método sintotérmico para poder entender mis ciclos con Síndrome de Ovario Poliquístico. Me enamoré de todo lo que descubrí y me muero por compartirlo con todas ustedes. Soy Química de profesión y por eso incluyó evidencia e información respaldada en todos mis cursos. Estoy dispuesta a ayudarte, sobre todo si tienes ciclos irregulares o complicados y estás buscando a alguien que te entienda y te acompañe.


Charting specialisms: ✅ 🧭 🤰

Client specialisms: Teens, Charters (+ partners welcome), Soon-to-be-married / married couples

Other qualifications: Menstruality mentor

Cycle health support: Signposts to biomedical professionals, Signposts to holistic health professionals


Open to clients: Yes

Teaching format: Scheduled group course, Individual follow up (linked to course)

Teaching supports: Written materials, Group calls / workshops (live only), Individual calls, Voice notes, Messenger app

Language(s): English, Spanish

Payment options: Payment plans, Sliding scale, Scholarships


Fertile window choices: Encourages abstinence but accepts other choices

Type of language: Women-centric

Hormonal contraception: Accepting of choice to use / shares evidence-based info about benefits & side effects

Vaccines: Supportive


Tempdrop thermometer: Does not encourage use – method does not support

Read Your Body app: Supports use with a settings template

Teaching framework
🔆 Secular
🌜 Secular plus
🕊️ Spiritual
⛪ Religious

🌐 Online
🤝 In person

🇬🇧 Country
$ Price range (more info)
👐 Payment options available
📱 Supports use of Read Your Body app

📚 In training
🎓 Certified
🌸 Self-taught 
🎀 Fertility doula

Charting specialisms
✅ Regular cycles
💊 After hormonal contraception
🧭 PCOS / long / irregular
🤰 Preconception
🍼 Postpartum
❣️ Perimenopause

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