Olivia Chasteen

Single / double-check sympto-thermal
β›ͺ 🌐 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ $/$$ πŸ“±
πŸ“š SymptoPro

Olivia Chasteen
Single / double-check sympto-thermal
β›ͺ 🌐 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ $/$$ πŸ“±
πŸ“š SymptoPro

Mama Earth Wellness

I am a wife, mother, and lover of all things natural health. As a mama, I know that we don’t get nearly as much support as we need and deserve. That is why every service I offer at Mama Earth Wellness is designed around helping mamas and families so that we can all thrive.

I take a natural approach to health and fertility, and I support clients on their health journey through lifestyle changes and targeted herbal supplements to support that process. Cycle tracking gives us so much information about our bodies that is otherwise easy to overlook. Learning the in’s and out’s of tracking allows us to work with our bodies and honor our fertile cycles as we pursue health. Just as there are things we can do to aid Mother Earth in her fertile cycles, we have options too. From improving fertility and preparing for a pregnancy through the postpartum period of cycle irregularities, I am here for moms.

Outside of offering support and training in SymptoPro fertility awareness, I am a certified lactation consultant and nutritional herbalist. I offer wellness consultations, herbal consultations, and educational courses on various aspects of natural health and wellness. I am proud to offer custom herbal formulas tailored to fit your specific needs, and all at a reasonable price because herbs are for everyone. Just like all of the herbal formulas I create, everything is handcrafted in small batches using organic and wildcrafted ingredients. If I wouldn’t use it for my own family, I won’t offer it to yours. Any third party products offered through Mama Earth Wellness are sourced directly from the manufacturer, so you can rest assured that they are the real deal.

Outside of my work and caring for my own children, you will often find me outside either wandering through the woods to look at plants or working on incorporating more permaculture methods in my own garden, food forest, and medicine forest. I like to envision myself as offering therapy to the land around me, as I work to rehabilitate soils that have been abused and taken for granted.

Everything I offer supports your innate wellness, but I am only here to guide and support you as you step into your responsibility and your power. Your body intuitively knows how to be healthy, and I want to honor that wisdom. You have the power to create health.


Charting specialisms: βœ… 🧭 🀰 🍼

Client specialisms: Soon-to-be-married / married couples

Other qualifications: Nutritionist, Herbalist, Health coach, Lactation consultantΒ 

Cycle health support: Directly offers holistic health guidance


Open to clients: Yes

Teaching format: Self-paced course, Individual follow up (linked to course)

Teaching supports: Written materials, Videos, Individual calls

Language(s): English


Fertile window choices: Supports abstinence only

Type of language: Women-centric

Hormonal contraception: Discourages use for religious reasons, Discourages use for health reasons

Pregnancy termination: Opposed

Vaccines: Provides advice in one-to-one consultations on restoring cycle health following vaccination if relevant / requested by clientsΒ 


Tempdrop thermometer: Presents as option – use at client’s discretion

Read Your Body app: Supports use with a settings template

Teaching framework
πŸ”† Secular
🌜 Secular plus
πŸ•ŠοΈ Spiritual
β›ͺΒ Religious

🌐 Online
🀝 In person

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Country
$ Price range (more info)
πŸ‘ Payment options available
πŸ“± Supports use of Read Your Body app

πŸ“š In training
πŸŽ“ Certified
🌸 Self-taught 
πŸŽ€ Fertility doula

Charting specialisms
βœ… Regular cycles
πŸ’Š After hormonal contraception
🧭 PCOS / long / irregular
🀰 Preconception
🍼 Postpartum
❣️ Perimenopause

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